• Sheri Cirillo

Is a Personal Trainer Worth the Money?

Now that the new year is here, are you prioritizing your fitness goals? Maybe you’ve thought about joining a gym, maybe you have in the past, but you’re not sure that’s going to be enough to get you over the finish line as you race towards a healthy new you. Working with a personal fitness trainer can help to push you to get in shape, maintain your fitness level, or learn the ins and outs of a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re looking into personal training studios in Niagara, you’ve probably started thinking about cost, and wondering if you you should spend the money to get in shape. Besides the fact that personal training sessions can push your fitness level further much more quickly than working out on your own, there are a number of additional reasons why hiring a personal trainer in Niagara is a great investment.

Personal Trainers are Experts

A great personal trainer is doing more than just giving you a space to workout, they are watching closely to ensure you are doing the right exercises properly to maximize your results. They will correct any minor (or major) mistakes in form as you make them, sometimes even the smallest adjustment will make a huge difference.

Not only will your certified personal trainer be watching to maximize your workout results, but also to ensure you do the exercises properly so you won’t injure yourself.

Stay Accountable and Motivated

No one likes to spend money and not see a return. And it’s human nature to not want to let people down. Imagine the feeling of facing your personal trainer (whom you are paying) and saying, “I didn’t work out.” Sure, you can get this from a dedicated gym buddy, but this is what you pay a trainer for. They have a vested interest in seeing that you complete your workouts and reach your goals. Money spent is good motivation to work out. Ultimately it is your daily choices that will make you successful however, your personal trainer is one of your huge pillars of support along your journey and money spent is good motivation to work out.

Get a Personalized Workout

A certified personal trainer will know how to customize a workout based on what you need, your personal strengths, weaknesses, and goals. No matter how many online tutorials you look up, how many YouTube videos you watch, or what you think you know, a personal trainer has been taught to know better.

Your workout needs will evolve as you work with a trainer. You will have short term and long term goals, all of which will play off each other the longer you work out.

How to Find a Personal Trainer in Niagara

If you are convinced that investing in personal training in Niagara is the right choice for you, book an assessment to meet your trainer and decide if they are the right person for you. A good personal trainer will require an initial assessment to go over your goals, determine your strengths and weaknesses, review your current health and health history, and just meet to decide if you click.

Besides personal rapport, make sure you hire a personal fitness trainer who is certified from a reputable licensing organization. Expert qualifications ensure that your personal trainer knows the biomechanics, anatomy, specifics on form, and fitness techniques that not only ensure you see results, but also keep you safe and healthy.

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