• Sheri Cirillo

RealRyder vs. Stationary Indoor Cycling: What's the Difference?

Indoor cycling workouts are a popular group exercise class that is meant to simulate an outdoor cycling workout. The bikes that have been used for spin classes are typically stationary bikes that have a rotator on them that allows the rider to adjust the tension of the bike. However, things have taken a turn (literally!) with the RealRyder bikes. So, what’s the difference? Here are the top three differences between regular spin bikes and the Real Ryder.


On a regular spin bike, the only thing that moves are your legs, but with the RealRyder, doing “turns” are now a part of the routine. Unlike on a regular bike, turns utilize the entire upper body, and it happens by one hand pushing and the other pulling on the handles whilst your obliques stabilize you. The bike tilts left and right with this movement up to a maximum of 18 degrees. This added movement is one of the more difficult elements of the experience and a major change from stationary indoor cycling.

Heavier Bikes

It may seem as though you have lost all strength when attending your first RealRyder class, but that is not the case. The bikes are heavier and the new brake pads lead to a tougher ride, which trickles down to “less” resistance.


One of the major differences that is constantly mentioned is the focus that is needed on the RealRyder bike. During a regular cycling class people admit to zoning out and they simply keep pedalling and then returning to the task at hand. That isn’t the case with the RealRyder. The RealRyder utilizes every bit of focus because it takes time to get accustomed to the new movements of this spin bike workout.

If you have done a spin class on an exercise bike before, or are looking to get into something new, the RealRyder spin bike workout could be just what you need to improve your routine!

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