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Revolutionize your Indoor Cycling Workout with RealRyder

Whether you are an avid cyclist looking for an indoor cycling option or a fitness enthusiast looking for a way to change up your workout routine — you’ve probably considered, or even tried, traditional spinning classes.

Regardless of the reason you’ve turned to traditionally spinning workouts, you may have noticed there is something lacking in your workout. Yes, it’s great cardio to get your heart rate up, but that’s it. Spinning bikes (and other indoor cycling bikes) are completely stationary, so your spin bike workout doesn’t feel like an outdoor ride. The handlebars don’t move. You can’t simulate turns. And, most importantly, you don’t get the same full-body workout you do on a bicycle.

Enter RealRyder — revolutionizing the indoor cycling workout.

RealRyder — The Best Indoor Spin Bike

If you’ve ridden a bicycle, you know there is more to cycling than just pedaling. And if you’ve ridden a stationary bike, you’ll know that no matter what your cycling class involves, you’re basically on a glorified pedaling machine. RealRyder goes beyond just pedaling to create a more fun, more engaging riding machine (or should I say, ryding?).

Of course, when you first look at a RealRyder indoor cycling bike, it looks similar to other indoor cycling bikes that you’re already used to. Adjustable handlebars and seats, a resistance knob, pedals for cleats or toe straps, even the drivetrain is similar to a traditional spin bike. But that’s where the similarities end.

The RealRyder bike is built more like a road bike, with a sleek frame that makes you feel like you’re ready to hit the streets. You also experience a smoother ride quality than other stationary bikes. But best of all, on a RealRyder bike, you can tilt, lean, rock, and “turn” your bike.

With two pivot points, one behind the seat post and below the front of the frame, your bike feels more like it is hovering than rooted to a frame. This allows you to actually turn your handlebars, rock side to side, lean, and turn just like a real bike, giving you the feeling of actually riding and the full-body workout to go with it.

Key Benefits

  • Increase core strength and stability.

  • Challenge balance, full-body coordination and proprioceptive skills.

  • Recruit more muscles during leaning and steering movements to burn approximately 20% more calories compared to a conventional stationary bike (CSUN Study; Conducted by S. Loy, Ph.D. March 2009).

  • Improve endurance, speed and agility for sport.

  • Identify and help correct muscle and joint imbalances.

Is RealRyder for You?

In a word, YES! In more than one word, OF COURSE, YES, DEFINITELY!

The best thing about RealRyder cycling classes is that they are for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you are new to indoor cycling or if you’ve been riding for years, RealRyder classes can meet any fitness level. If you’re looking for cycling classes for beginners, simply follow the routine to the best of your ability, take breaks, adjust your resistance and do what you can. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro because you improve your abilities and fitness level when you Ryde consistently. If you’re an old pro, follow your instructor through the entire profile and feel the workout throughout your entire body.

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